Sport for All – The Ultimate Legacy

Too often the issue of legacy in sport is avoided, simply because it is either forgotten about, too difficult, or not considered of urgent priority in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, and particularly in the mad rush of the build up to a major sporting event.  But legacy goes beyond the big events.  It extends to the legacy that we will leave for the generations to come, how we lead by example, how we aim for quality and not just quantity in all we do, and how we reflect on the past as an important foundation for our future.  The legacy we create, as individuals, communities and a society is so much more than a ‘buzzword’ in a bid document, and the time to address this is now.
In recognition of this, “Sport for All – the Ultimate Legacy” will be the theme of the 24th TAFISA World Congress 2015, the first event of its kind to address the too often avoided, but vitally important issue of legacy in sport, and how we create a legacy that responds to the 2 Asks of Designed To Move:
1.    Creating early positive experiences for children
2.    Integrate physical activity into everyday life

The Congress, to be held from 14th to 18th October 2015 in Budapest, Hungary, will address the following:

“Sport for All – the Ultimate Legacy”


  • Beyond the Bright Lights: Sport for All and physical activity legacy planning for big sports events.
  • Legacy of a Lifetime:  Creating early positive experiences for children to be physically active throughout their lives.
  • Leading by Example:  The role families and community leaders play in integrating physical activity into the everyday lives of the next generation.
  • Know Your Roots:  How the living legacy of Traditional Sports and Games defines and activates people and communities.
  • Quality Comes First: How to achieve life long physical activity, and longer lives, through quality management in Sport for All.

The Congress will be hosted by TAFISA member Hungarian Leisure Sport Association in the beautifully restored Vigado Concert Hall in the heart of Budapest, along the ornament of the Danube promenade and other cultural wonders Budapest has to offer.

TAFISA invites all its members, stakeholders, friends and Sport for All enthusiasts from around the globe to tackle head-on this critical issue.