Press conference in Vigadó

In autumn 2015 Budapest is the capital of leisure sports as the TAFISA World Congress takes place here between 14 – 18 October. TAFISA (the Association for International Sport for All) is the world body of sport for all.

In recent days the TAFISA managers gathered first-hand information on the preparations of next year’s Congress and afterwards gave a press conference organised by the Hungarian Leisure Sport Association at Pest Vigadó. The press conference was attended by TAFISA executives, Dr Simicskó István, State Secretary responsible for sport, Czene Attila, President of the Hungarian Leisure Sport Association and Fábián László, HOC Sport Director. 


Both TAFISA and the host Leisure Sport Association expect the Budapest Congress to further strengthen this field. ‘I hope from sport policy aspect we will further strengthen, as on one hand such topics are discussed, which carry the possibility for development within themselves, and very important persons from around the globe plan to attend on the other. TAFISA has 280 member organisations in 145 countries and guests arrive to the Congress next October from Fiji Islands to Iceland. Besides it is planned to invite such well-known persons like Michelle Obama and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. We want that Budapest plays a historic role in the life of the world’s sport for all movement and the Congress has such issues on the agenda whereby the world will be a better place’ – explained Wolfgang Baumann, TAFISA Secretary General.  

’It’s a great honour for the Hungarian Leisure Sport Association that Budapest can play host to the 24th TAFISA World Congress. Hungary is a big power in sport, the country was there at the cradle of the Olympic movement, and considers the healthy lifestyle, the significance of movement and sport a very important issue’ – said Czene Attila, President of the Hungarian Leisure Sports Association.

Simicskó István, State Secretary responsible for sport emphasized: in 2015 Budapest is the world’s capital in sport for all. 

‘We are a sport loving nation, the target is to become a sporting nation. In order to accomplish this, three main trends were formulated. That is: every kid plays sport, to bring as many sport events and sport-related conferences to Hungary as possible and to build as many facilities housing sports as possible. Next year our country hosts 41 major sport events, out of them the TAFISA World Congress is one of the very important ones.’ 

‘The Hungarian Olympic Committee (HOC) is glad to back the event’ – stated Fábián László Sport Director. 

HOC now covers the complete spectrum of sports. Not only the Olympic sports come under the auspice of this body, but the leisure sports as well, together with the sport of disabled, the university and school sport, and the non-Olympic sports. The different fields are in close cooperation, sometimes they are even overlapping, and only through synergy and harmony can it be achieved that the whole society lives an active life.’


Since its foundation in 1991 TAFISA has been continuously growing. It has more than 280 members from all continents, from 145 countries. Thanks to its unique structure it represents sport for all worldwide. It is a non-profit organisation in active cooperation with the International Olympic Committee, the EU Commission, UNESCO and the World Health Organisation. It cultivates also close relations with other international organisations, among others with ICSSPE, IWG and ENGSO.


Hungary and TAFISA

The Hungarian Leisure Sport Association (MSZSZ) has represented our country in TAFISA for twenty years as a full and very active member.

MSZSZ has introduced several TAFISA initiatives – as local organiser – in the country. As first the Challenge Day deserves mention, which has been organised since 1993 on regular basis under the name ‘Kihívás Napja’ and which is still the leisure sport event in Hungary bringing the most people together and setting them in move at the same time. The World Walking Day is a similarly successful community walking programme, which is known here as ‘Világ Gyalogló Nap’. TAFISA has also introduced several Hungarian programmes to the world, one of them is e.g. the Balaton Crossing, or the Sport for All Women’s Festival, which received the TAFISA Innovation Award in 2011. Hungary was allocated with the right of hosting the World Congress in 2011, which is naturally due on one hand to the success of our country in sport, to our marvellous capital and last but not least also to the good work of MSZSZ in sport diplomacy.