Hungarian Leisure Sport Association

Organisation profile

The Hungarian Leisure Sport Association founded in 1989 has currently 19 regional sport organisation and 12 individual members from all over the country and there are further 300 club members among the regional organisations. The most important aims for the Association are to promote physical activity and sport among the citizens and the public with the cooperation of its members for promoting healthy lifestyles. To fulfill these goals, the country-wide organisation has events (including traditional games and modern sport activities as well) all over the country that are provided and are open for all social stratification, all age groups, families, various institutions and organisations and are usually free of charge.

As major duties, the association represents the interest of its members, helps Sport for All initiatives that meet the needs of its objectives, cooperate with various state, social and international organisations (bodies) involved in sport for all activities, contributes to scientific researches related to sport for all activities and provides services for members and organisations supporting the Association. The Association works in a programme called Quality Assurance that will be launched this year to qualify organisations delivering sport for all events. The Association is also in charge with the administration of the Sport for All events Applications delegated by the Hungarian Olympic Committee.

Main events of the Association: Challenge Day, World Walking Day, Women Sport Festival, National Nordic Walking Program (NOWATHLON), Senior Sport Festival, Conferences. In collaboration with its members, more events are provided covering sport for all activities like marathon, half-marathon, Swimming across lake Balaton, biking, long distance hiking tours (e.g. Gerecse50, Tour de Békás), etc.


Mission statement of the Hungarian Leisure Sport Association

The Association has a public utility function in the sport sector. Helps to advertise the importance of health maintenance, healthy lifestyle, sport for all, and company sport.

Main aim of the Association: raise the level of the population’s body culture higher, represent and protect the claim of physical- and body culture.

Main objects of the Association: Protection and representation of those, who are interested in sport, especially the members of the Association. Help the aims of development and the organisational- and functional terms to come true. Advertise physical education, sport and healthy lifestyle, in regard to environmental consciousness and equal opportunity. Help and give countenance to all the initiatives which are to develop the body culture of the population, communities or individuals. Configure and maintain connection with other Hungarian and foreign sport for all organisations, co-operate with state-, social-, and sport organisations, who are interested in sport for all. Scientific research of sport for all and healthy lifestyle, qualify specialists for the sector. Give service/supply. Give information and opinion about sport for all. Popularize and organise physical education and sport events for companies.

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