Parallel Session 1.

"Beyond the Bright Lights"

The invisible jigsaw puzzles of sport success
Dr. habil Gábor GÉCZI
Associate professor
University of Physical Education, Budapest, Hungary

Case Studies
"Legacy of hosting a regional multi-sports competition: the case of the South East Asian Games in Malaysia"
Selina Khoo
Sports Centre, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur

"A National Diagnosis of Sports and the creation of a National System of Sport in Brazil" 
Maria Luiza Souza, Manager of Physical and Sportive Development of Sao Paulo, Bazil

"The London Olympic Games Experience"       
Vivienne Holt, Strategic Manager & International Consultant, YST International

"Legacy of the Beijing Summer Olympics for Sport for All in the Country"
Minhao Xie, All China Sports Federation, China


Parallel Session 2.

"Quality Comes First"

Policy for Quality
By Philipp Müller-Wirth
Executive Officer for Sport
Sport and Youth Section
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)

Case Studies
"Development and promotion of physical activity opportunities in early ages: The Cyprus cross-sectoral example"
Clea Hadjistephanou – Papaellina Ph.D.
Chairwoman Cyprus Sport Organisation, Cyprus

"Above the Bar - Guideline and Qualification System"
Agnes Patonai
Hungarian Leisure Sport Association, Hungary

“Quality Comes First - Mainstreaming diversity: examples from the UNESCO Chair, IT Tralee”
Dr Therese Conway, UNESCO, IT Tralee

"The Sport for All and Sustainable Health Legacy - A Framework for Active Cities"
John Marsden, City of Liverpool, UK & Gabriel Messmer, EVALEO, Switzerland

Parallel Session 3.

"Legacy of a Lifetime"

“Beyond the Bright Lights” or “Quality Comes First”
Dr. Perényi Szilvia PhD, assistant professor
University of Debrecen, Faculty of Economics and Business, Department of Sporteconomy and Management

Case Studies
“The Danish Vision to Make Citizens More Physical Active”
Preben Staun, Vice President
National Olympic Committee and Sports Confederation, Denmark

BWF Development and Sport for All
“Giving every child a chance to play”
Ian Wright, Badminton Federation, Malaysia

"Strategies for Exercise Promotion in Taipei: Application of Affordance"
Hank Jwo, Ph.D.
Department of Physical Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Sport for All Commission, Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee

Sport for all „Life-long success”
Etele Baráth, Hungarian Canoe Federation, Hungary

Parallel Session 4.

"Know Your Roots"

Jean-Francois Laurent, TAFISA, France

Case Studies
"Attack from the Sea - A New Approach to Promote Physical Activity and Games in the Society"
Berggren Finn
President, CEO
Gerlev Physical Education & Sports Academy

TAFISA Regional Center for Traditional Sports & Games
-   A New Approach   -
Ravi Sahu
Asst. Prof. – Marketing & Sports Management
Director – First TAFISA Regional Center for TSG
Shree H.V.P Mandal, Amravati (INDIA)

“Learn from the local wisdom to solve the global problem” 
Iskandar Zulkarnain, MD, MS, Indonesia Sport for All Federation

"How to Promote Traditional Sports through Event Marketing - the European Games 2018"
Anne Jochum de Vries, Sport Frysland, Netherlands



Parallel Session 5.

"Leading by Example"


Case Studies
Active Kid Movement
Walter King Yan Ho / Dilsad Ahmed Phd
University of Macau

"Wake Up Australia"
Hon. Brian Dixon, Life Be in It, Australia

"Attitudes of male college students towards physical activity and physical education curriculum"
Mohammed Hamdan Hashem Mohammed
Physical Education Department
King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals

Survey and Development of Sport for All in Hungarian University Sport
Mózes Székely, PhD, Hungary



Parallel Session 6.

"Lasting Legacy in the City Setting"

Cathryn Carlile, City of Richmond, Canada

Case Studies
Building a Green City with Active Citizens Involvement
Amadeu Portilha, Vice-Mayor of Guimarães City Council, Portugal

“Becoming an Active City” 
Mayor Hüseyin Mutlu Akpınar
Karşıyaka Municipality, Turkey

"How to Motivate Communities to be Active"
Hugo Alonso, General Secretary
ACES Europe, Spain

"The National Program for an Active &Healthy Life - Israel "Efsharibari"
Shlomit Nir Toor
Director of the department for sport for all
Ministry of Culture& Sport, Israel